Eternal Rhythm

Eternal Rhythm

Copyright Jonathan Graham, 2013

On a floating, natal, purple whine,
with a dulcet heartbeat’s four-four power,
vocals fly and soar and climb:
hugging sadness, hour by hour;

mixing memories; tickling dreams,
that die in crash-linked laser bursts,
as ident heaven flips the scene,
but keeps the beats from last to first;

as sound drives on,
from life to life:
from fast to slow,
from dark to light;

to dark and deep;
where synths awaken ancient sleep,
which gives its breath
for hungry sirens’ liquid death;

born this way,
to drown in song;
to be the flesh, the food, the thong:

to serve the curve,
and feel the beat:
to quiver, plucked:
to be the meat.

Jingles echo-scratch the rhyme.
Notes free thinking, leaping trips.
Pop is soul, and music, time:
eternal rhythm breathes Smash Hits…

Copyright Jonathan Graham, 2013

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